What is Keyboard for Blondes?

Right when you think products have not become ridiculous enough, along comes something that will change your perception completely. There is a thin line between comedy and offense that should not be crossed, and the product in this article just waltzed past it without a care in the world. Apparently, there is now a Keyboard for blondes.

We all type. Typing is one of the first things we learn in computer class, and the skills for typing are something we pick up at a very young age. Kids nowadays can type at speeds unimaginable, mainly because typing has become a major necessity for people if they want to communicate. Doesn’t matter if you want to chat with your girlfriend in Oklahoma, prepare a presentation, make a report for that damn thesis which is due tomorrow, or write a blog for all your fans waiting for the next post, you need to know how to type, and type quick. In such cases it is really important to know all your keyboard commands, and in case you do not know them, at least you can look at the keys themselves and try to figure it out.

Well what if we told you that this product is a keyboard which can be not only useless, but daunting at the face of it as well? It is the perfect insult comedy gift that is bound to leave you in splits when you actually see it, and can be used as a gag gift to your friends who maybe fans of the Reese Witherspoon character. There is absolutely no way you can beat this keyboard and hurling a large one at all the blondes out there.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, the keyboard for blondes.

It is not lesser known anywhere in the world that there is a stereotypical image of blondes as being self obsessed, narcissistic and on the other extreme end of intellectual prowess. That being said, the stereotype might not necessarily be true. There are many accomplished females in the world who are quite blonde, and yet they have the best brains one could imagine. Being blonde has nothing to do with being stupid, but it is one of the images that Hollywood films like to project at all times. In horror movies, especially, the blonde character is always shown to be intellectually retarded, while being completely immersed in them. Then there are movies like Legally Blonde where the protagonist is completely blonde and hence keeps goofing up all along the way. Therefore the whole built images of blondes not being able to do complex tasks (taking on such menial jobs like maids and manicurists), in case typing, has brought about this immensely hilarious but completely offensive gag gift.

At the first notice, the keyboard for blondes is alarmingly pink. The base of the keyboard along with the keys on top of it are all pink it color, and it would look completely ridiculous in any kind of a professional setting. There would be no need for further jokes on the blonde stereotype but this one does it all and even goes the extra mile.

The keys themselves are an offense to all blondes across the world. It tries to emulate that blondes cannot work on a keyboard and won’t know the meaning of words like backspace, enter and shift. It also implies heavily on the assumption that blondes cannot punctuate, spell or use proper sentence structure while writing or typing. There is no way anything can be more offensive than that. This is exactly why the keyboard keys are the second most offensive thing about the keyboard.

For example, the backspace key is labeled ‘oops’ and the shift key is labeled ‘smart blonde’ implying that blondes are dumb enough, either to be able to make the beginning of each letter in upper case, or implying that blondes are so dumb they cannot press shift and another letter at the same time, and the sheer complexity of the task is best left to a ‘smart blonde’.

Then there is the stereotypes that blondes just love saying pointless sentences that reflect how self absorbed and ignorant there are. There are shortcut keys for phrases like OMG, LOL, ZZZZD implying blondes cannot type these out themselves and need special assistance to do so. It also implies that blondes cannot communicate without using any of these phrases.

Now it depends on the person who is buying this, whether they are buying it on purpose to completely go with the flow and laugh at themselves. On a larger point though, do not give it to someone who’s sensitive and easily offended. And blonde.